Benefits of Staining Your Wood Fence

From the safeguards to the keeping your wood fence looking great, there are many reasons to stain wooden fencing. Here are some of the major reasons you’ll want to keep in mind.

Avoid Rot

Applying a sealant to your wood fence like a stain helps prevent mold, mildew, termites, and other issues that will cause your fence to be an eyesore and eventually fall apart. If you have any rot there’s no way to reverse it so you’ll need a preventive measure like fence staining.

Keep Out Moisture and Heat

Unsealed wood fences are also prone to warping from water along with heat. Under the glaring sun and intense Amarillo heat, sunlight can cause major fence damages where you may need to replace entire panels if they needed to be stained.

Giving Energy Back to Your Faded Fence

Is your fence is beginning to look weathered due to father time? Adding a stain can provide a whole new life to your fence giving your home a more complimentary look.

By using a stain over a paint you can also provide a more natural wood style. Stains come in a variety of tints for just the right look. Plus there’s also uncolored stains too to bring out the original hues of the grains.

Other benefits of Staining Versus Painting

Staining can be done much faster than painting as a primer isn’t necessary. Paint also flakes and cracks creating an uneven presence and exposing parts of your wood fence to rot and moisture.

For Amarillo-area homeowners needing assistance staining their wood fence, contact us today.