Should You Paint or Stain Your Fence?

When it comes to updating your fence to improve the look of your outdoor space, you have two choices: painting or staining. While both options can achieve your home renovation goals, there is a clear winner when it comes to using wood outdoors.

Painting Your Fence:

The biggest advantage of using paint instead of a stain on your outdoor fence is the variety of colors and finishes paint provides. With paint you can choose colors of the rainbow, while stain is limited to natural colors (think browns, and both warm and cool tans). Besides the variety of color options, there is a variety of finishes like sheen, flat and even metallic. Stain on the other hand is just available in a flat finish.

Looking to have a color change in a hurry? Paint might be your best choice. Latex paint is typically dry to the touch within an hour and is completely dry within eight hours. However, stain usually takes around two days to set.

Although paint has a variety of color options and is quick to dry, it is also more expensive, requires primer and takes a longer application time to get an even coat of color. You can also expect paint to fade quickly and need to be touched up frequently.

Staining Your Fence:

Stain works differently than paint. While paint lays on top of wood, stain soaks into wood and changes its color. This works very well for textured wood and raw fence wood as it enhances the texture and look of the natural wood.

Stain also tends to be easier to work with than paint, as it doesn’t need primer and take layers of stain to create an even look. When you stain wood, you can be sure of it’s color for years to come. It won’t chip like paint does and it doesn’t require constant touch ups. However, you’ll want to stain for fence when there is no rain in the forecast as stain needs two dry days to set completely.

After you weigh the two choices it’s easy to see that staining is the better choice economically. Stain lasts longer than paint, and it doesn’t take as much to cover a surface. Although you might not get the purple metallic fence you’re looking for, your fence will have a new modern look that will last years to come.

If you’re ready to update the look of your backyard with a stained fence, give our fence staining service a try!