How to Revive Your Old Fence

Have you looked at your backyard lately and thought it could use a little updating? One of the quickest ways to give your backyard a whole new look is updating your backyard fence. There are several ways to to upgrade and update your wooden fence, and we will dive into them below!


The most obvious way to upgrade your backyard fence is to replace it. While this can make sense if your fence was in need of major repairs, it can also be an unnecessary, and pricey update to make.

Replacement of your fence might be your best option if:

  • Your fence is in dilapidation
  • You want to change up your backyard’s design to make it more modern
  • You’re looking for more privacy – you might be needing a taller fence

If none of these apply to your current fence however, try one of these other options.

Fence Painting

Are you looking for a quick fix to update your backyard? Painting your fence might be your best option. Painting your fence is just like painting a house, you choose the color that you want, prime the wood and then paint.

Painting your wood tends to be a more temporary fix as paint fades, chips and deteriorates with exposure to natural elements. If you paint your fence, you will have to probably have to repaint it (or get it painted professionally) about once every two years. This can add up to a lot of time and money spend rather quickly. Another thing to consider with painting your fence is paint will not protect your fence’s wood, so you will have to deal with potential wood decay and deterioration.

Fence Staining

Fence staining is the most popular way to revive an old fence, and for obvious reasons. A wood stain is an affordable, quicker way to give your fence a whole new look. There are a variety of stain color options available on the market today to complete a wide variety of backyard renovations.

Fence staining works by treating and essentially dying the color of your fence. This is a great option if your fence has aged to a grey color.

Fence staining is our favorite method of backyard revival for many reasons. Not only is fence staining affordable, but it also is long-lasting, so you only have to worry about staining your fence a couple times a decade. Wood stain also protects your fence from weather, natural elements and the sun’s UV rays – meaning your fence’s wood will stay in optimal condition.

You can create traditional, modern and even rustic looks with wood stain; match your fence to your home, or create a whole new look for your backyard paradise!

As you can see, fence wood staining is probably the best option for your backyard refresh because of its affordability and its longevity. If you’re ready to start your  project, contact our fence staining contractors today.