How to Ensure Your Wood Deck Stain Lasts

Wood stains are essential for any outdoor deck. Not only do they provide a custom look, but they also protect the wood and prevent UV and mildew damage. While wood stains are pretty self-sufficient, there are a few things that you can do (before and after the staining process) to ensure the longevity of your wood stain. Let’s dive into these preservation tips and tricks below!

Pre-Stain Care

Before you get your deck stained, you need to make sure that it’s in optimal condition to accept the stain and maintain it. A stain won’t adhere to a dirty deck well, so your deck needs to be swept thoroughly before the wood stain is applied. Make sure there is no dirt or particles on the deck so there are no spots missed and the stain adheres well. 

If sweeping isn’t providing the desired cleanliness, a power washer will need to be used. If that’s the case, you will need to let the wood dry for two to three days. 

Besides the cleanliness of the deck, you will also need to make sure that the deck is smooth. Sand down any splintered parts and use a dull knife to clean in between the planks. If there are visible nail holes, be sure they’re clean and not filled with debris. Any of these issues will prevent the wood stain from adhering correctly to those spots and will provide a less than perfect result

Post-Stain Care

Your deck was prepped, the wood stain is dry and you love the rich results, but to preserve these results, you need to know what steps to take. It’s important to note that wood stains last around 4 years, but this timeline can vary with weather, sunlight and use. The easiest way to extend the longevity of your deck stain, is to protect your deck from natural elements. 

Oftentimes people add an outdoor awning to shade their deck from the sun and protect it from rain and snow. This works successfully in both the summer and winter for protecting your deck and is also allows your deck to be more usable for your family. 

Additionally, as you use your deck, take care to immediately clean up any spills from barbequing and entertaining. If you allow spills to set, it can stain the wood permanently. 

By following the above tips, you can help improve the longevity of your deck stain and keep your deck looking fresh and new. However, a single stain can’t last a lifetime, and it’s important to continue to get your deck regularly stained every couple of years. If your deck is ready for a fresh coat of stain, make sure to give our experts at New Vision Fence Staining a call for a complimentary consultation today!