3 Ways to Maintain Your Wood Fence

As one of the most popular fencing choices around, wood fences can be seen everywhere you go. However, you might notice that not only do the styles of wood fences change from home to home, but the way they’ve been maintained can also affect their appearance. Neglected wood fences tend to have grey and weathered looking planks, missing sections or sections that have almost entirely fallen to the ground – which defeats the entire purpose of a fence! 

Needless to say, you want to prevent your fence from looking neglected or worn by performing routine maintenance on it. We will dive into our favorite wood fencing maintenance tips to keep your fence looking nice and new below!

Address Repairs

The smallest issues with your fence can become big ones, and quickly! It’s essential to address the small fencing issues as soon as you notice them. Common fence issues you might see are cracking, splintering and lose nails or screws. If you don’t feel comfortable making the repairs yourself, it’s totally appropriate to call in the professionals. After all, the sooner you address it, the less of a hassle and expense the issue will be. 

Wood Staining

As we mentioned above, stain is a great preventative treatment for mold and mildew, but it also prevents other issues that cause a fence to look old, like weathering and greying. There are a variety of fence stains to choose from, so you can totally customize the color and style to your liking. Whether you want the natural grain to shine through, or you prefer something a little darker, a fence stain is an important part of wooden fence maintenance. 

If you’re tired of your fence looking old and worn, or if you want to preserve the look of your new one, give our experts at New Vision Exteriors a call for a quote on our fence staining services!